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Crown Coffee

Crown Coffee estate in the hills of Tzaneen...


Crown Coffee has a unique and interesting history and origin, started up in 2003 by two brothers-in-law, Gad Ben-Avi and Peter Nel, in the hills high above Tzaneen, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

There were some coffee plants found growing in a natural state in the forest on the estate when Crown Coffee started its operations. These coffee plants had grown wild being spread by the monkey population and Crown Coffee used these plants, seemingly natural to the area, as a basis of its new plantation.

On the Estate Crown Coffee operates as a partnership of the coffee farmer and the coffee roaster and barista – this close partnership results in a high quality artisan-type, single estate coffee as there is always close communication from coffee planting to the tasting. Fermentation is done very specifically and therefore fruitiness and high acidity are qualities strongly associated with the coffee.

Crown Coffee grows, harvests, processes, roasts, grinds and packages its own coffee currently distributed only through its own restaurant.

Crown Coffee is priced at R280.00 p/kg for orders placed of less than 5kg and R200 p/kg when purchasing quantities 5kg or more.

The quality of the coffee is constantly monitored in respect of the harvest, production and roasting of the coffee. The operation has grown to 4000 trees and production is at present 2 tons annually.

The vision of Crown Coffee is to achieve quality and not quantity.

Some Characteristics of Crown Coffee

Crown Coffee Estate is the only Coffee Estate in South Africa above 1000m in altitude producing speciality coffee.

A single estate fully washed Arabica coffee is produced and no pesticides and no herbicides are used in farming the coffee.

Farm There is control over all aspects of production which leads to a premium quality coffee.

A uniquely African and South African coffee of high quality is being produced and there is an ongoing commitment and passion for excellence.

Tours of the Farm

Crown Coffee also offers tours of the farm with guest accommodation.